Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wow I was party of God's humor today!!!Did I bite off more than I can chew

So my lovely day started out so much as the last month plus and minus some TMI stuff. I knew God had plans for me about the time My husband kissed me goodbye today.. I screamed out in pain, hum could it have been the thin mint DQ blast- and the small pint of potatoe salad last night... Man I am craving some food aka benging. Anyways , I have not been sleeping, the hives gone while on medicine, but no sleep and every skin follicle above the knee brings me to tears. How did I get this was so fast, well sometimes when I ask questions God gives fast answer- Phone rang and it was the Dr wanting me to come in at 1;25 to see him. He thinks he has it figuired out. Glad he does because I am aging fast. I did'nt mention that even my clothes hurt and the includes the ones folded and more so the ones that aren't. Those were dragged up the stairs in a fitted sheet for hiding because my father in law arrived her today at 145. So I went in the office he did the trigger point test- the gentle version because he wanted to live today and he saw fear in my crying eyes. Yep, he said not just fibromyalgia- he said severe and I quickly went from 8 pills to 3. Finally-I had a pill for every symptom now just one illness explains it.  No more treating weird symptoms we are treating the evil demon.  So in all this 2 things occure I realized I have not been to the store, so no drinks in the house for company- my social butterfly has been  ate by whatever eats butterflies.ha and I decided this was Abby's last gluten weekend...See I didn;t know my body was going to fail me. I think I heard God litterly laugh at my situtation. Am I really going to do this gluten thing and that means going to the store-OMG my bra hurts I will not survive the store. So Peopod got a nice order from me with gluten free snacks. Oh when I am trying to excite Abby I told her 2 things- I am buying you special Abby snacks so your  tummy wont hurt andyou wont poo so much and she is going to love her special foods. She returned fresturated and said Awe mom can;t I just have 10 minutes later she yells loud with company in ear shot MOM I AM POOPING AGAIN. Thanks Abby.

So as the day progressed I realized yes God is faithful in my life- proven only 100 times, but in times he is a concerned father and to ease my mind my symptoms increased. It was like he was showing me his direction and proof of the fibromyalgia. I am thankful for being a beliver I could'nt even image life without him.

Recipe idea:
pork loin ad Dr peper

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