Friday, May 7, 2010

Well its been a while since my post-stupid Fibromyalgia

I have some good days and some bad days but I am almost back to normal. Lots of yummy things have been created since my last post. My hubby made a mouthwatering primerib on the grill. They trick is very simple. Marinate it in worchestister(not spelled right lol) for a whole day and then right before throwing on the grill make a crust like with season salt. Grill at low temp like 200 for couple hours until done-absolutely delish. If you want to splurge a little lobels has a dry aged prime rib that cuts like butter with a fork.

Ok, back to more awesome recipes. Pillsbury has a website I highly recommend signing up it maybe. They will not bother you they send out awesome coupons and samples. I did a survey about hosting they mailed me recipe books coupons and gift cards to get the stuff I needed for recipes. I even got door prizes. If you sign up comment on the blog and I will pick a name out and you will get an apron,m recipe book and coupons. I made an easy cheese danish, breakfast tarts, and veggie pizza.It was nice to use fresh green onions from my garden

Here are some pictures:

I cant wait for the day they grow out of this stage but then they grow into something else, usually worse.

Don't forget to check out my scentsy site for the cute bird warmer of the month.

Also if you dont mind posting me midwest family travel ideas.  We are always in the search of someplace fun when we get some time off.

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