Monday, August 9, 2010

Ten feet only go fast on race horses

Well one of my goals this year was to un a marathon or something. I was hoping to run in the prostate cancer run in Quad cities for my dad. Well, that isn't going to happen, but I do get the honor of running in the Thin Mint Sprint with Hannah.  I love that everyday she says" were going running right?"  We have yet to run and we only made it 3 houses before Abby asked for a water break and then thought a tree was growing broccoli. HaHa. Hannah has been a trooper, she is completely intranced by the big houses in our neighborhood.  She has always wanted a Lexus and now a big house. I think ours is big enough. I can't ever find a pair of shoes for the kids.  I really have enjoyed this time with her. She never whines and likes taking in all the things around her, she is an amazing daughter. That is when I realized exercise isn't just running and I am sure I am not burning a whole lot of calories at the pace we are going, but the slow walking time with my girls is priceless.  I sometimes wonder if I am in such a hurry all the time what else am I missing. How do I speak to my kids when we are pressed for time? I am not perfect but I am a mom. I am the best mom for my girls and the best wife to my husband. I may not always do it, fast enough, clean enough or perfect enough but to them it is just right.  When was the last time you put away your inner voice saying you are to busy, the house is to messy and had fun with your kids or made your spouse feel special. My heart has been aching since the news of my friend Mae's husband killed in Afghanistan. I feel like I must do something everyday because who knows what could happen.  Life is so precious but society is in a race for the finish line. What happens after the finish line? How do you run you race with your family?

I have the best friends a girl can ask for thanks for the support and thanks for supporting my business Scentsy rocks!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ranch dipping sauce isn't just for the big guns

Ok, as most of you know I have begun gardening for the first time ever unless you count the one cucumber I grew a few years back. So I am learning the hard way that gardens are natures little children and the require water and nurturing. My garden out back was planted with green beans, carrots, pumpkins sunflowers and watermelons. I am excited to report my green beans harvest about five green beans a week just enough for me to eat and not enough to feed a family of six ha ha. Next year I will plant more. I laugh knowing I kindly took one plant over to my neighbor as a kind gesture. Laughing they probably think I am cheap ha ha.Then there are my sunflowers or lack there of.I had these very awesome stalk things growing, I thought they were sunflowers I was waiting for them to bloom, my mother kindly told me they weren't. I can't tell what are weeds and what are veggies. My watermelons weren't watermelons and my italian parsley are carrots. I thought I had green onions they are chives. My pumpkins are doing great but the mowers ran over one vine. My tomatoes look great for vines but slowly growing. I have all these rubbery leafed weed things, I pulled most of them. I blame them on why my tomatoes aren't growing. Maybe they are sucking the energy out of my garden...

Well what a great way to venture into my next idea. I have been having some battling emotions. I love my husband and kids, but do I sell my self short. See as a mom we give all of our love to our families. Most moms will agree if we are given 20.00 dollars we spend 18.00 dollars on the kids and the 2.00 dollars we have left is just floating in our purse until they need something else. So a very dear friend and I have looked around for books that could help us. I don't have much time to read, but I am making time. We found the book "THE WORN OUT WOMAN, when your life is full and your spirit is empty". We are going to start reading it and answering the questions at the end of the chapter. I will post the questions. I am happy we are going through together yet sad at the same time. We are lucky our husbands are patient and caring. Our kids still look at us like we are super hero's. They are not yet old enough to see us with our masks off. To them we are perfect with imperfections. We have some people in our life not so lucky, divorced, separated or just unhappy with no where to turn. Feel free to watch but not post or post if you want. If I can fix myself and help someone else its a bonus.

Ok so back to the garden- Abby picked the italian parsley which is a baby carrot and asked for dipping sauce- it was about an inch big. I really don't think it needs dipping sauce-a/k/a ranch. ha ha.

May each of you be freed from the cares that are bothering you as you hit your pillow tonight!!!

Ok I am going crazy going to offer the most amazing thing free!!!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today was like everyother day naked kids and lipstick-please Lord save me!!

My little broke halo angels are very curious, inot everyhing a mach speeds. I love my girls but some days I am like please wake up and slow down...They were out front naked (abby and Grace) running through the neighbors water draining hose-not sure what he was draining but you would have thought it was the best thing ever. I finally got them home and dressed, oh for the 14th time. They hate clothes adn they like to torchure me. The day before I go all of them in so I thought and the door bell rings and there stood Grace with a women I didn't know. Grace was naked but had a t shirt in that was over her head. Really kids we are not going to Disney World if mommy doesnt sell her scentsy and know one is going to buy anything from a crazy person who lets her kis roam naked.  So we have to fnd a game plan, high locks on the doors something. deally it would be telling them to keep their clothes on. Well we had tha talk the other nigt..I made great points, Joey madde great points, and just when we thing they understand us. Abby says so sweet-Mommy go to the store now...I guess she was finished listening to me..This is easy street in oh about 10 years life will be a loaded gun or dunk tank....They will be dating, driving, and their mouths will be speaking. UGH God help us. My litl angels with my parents and my nephew. MG they have clothes on. haha.Well good night all...If you want to host a Scentsy party let me know I am excited for disney...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WOW convenion was inspiring and bank card number 300

I just got back from Denver Colorado. The Scentsy annual convention was last week. I have never done anything like this, but realized soon after starting Scentsy that it is a GOD thing. I truely have been bessed. I have met some awesome people. I am not sure if any of you have encountered anything that you stop and say wow it was GOD he even put his signature on it..Well I have been nagging my husband about taking the kids to Disney World. I bring it up at least every other month, he keeps saying they are to you. Thos of you that know my husband know he just doesn't want us to go to such a big tourist destination. Well sure enough Scentsy's big award next year is Disney world. I am doing back flips. Yes I have to work my bottom off to achieve this but I have a ton of friends that will help me. A scentsy party takes 30 minutes. So easy I can mail catalogs and scnets all you have to do is hand out catalogs, smell scents and walla done. You get 1/2 off items and free stuff and I am even giving away a plug in system to all those willing to host a book or home party. It doesn'tt matter where you live.  Also the new fall catalog comes out next month and this month is 10% off so help me get to disney.. Thanks for your support....This is the new special Breat cancer warmer all proceeds go to find a cure for breast cancer. I have a very dear and wonderful cousin Jen that is kicking breast cancer butt. Please keep her in your prayers.

So on to the the 300th bank card, yes I lost i again.. Joey thinks I am crazy and yes some days I am but if you would have seen how these kids attacked me when I came in the door you would know why the card is lost. So I ordered another one..My defense I am keeping from fraud. I change the number enough haha.