Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today was like everyother day naked kids and lipstick-please Lord save me!!

My little broke halo angels are very curious, inot everyhing a mach speeds. I love my girls but some days I am like please wake up and slow down...They were out front naked (abby and Grace) running through the neighbors water draining hose-not sure what he was draining but you would have thought it was the best thing ever. I finally got them home and dressed, oh for the 14th time. They hate clothes adn they like to torchure me. The day before I go all of them in so I thought and the door bell rings and there stood Grace with a women I didn't know. Grace was naked but had a t shirt in that was over her head. Really kids we are not going to Disney World if mommy doesnt sell her scentsy and know one is going to buy anything from a crazy person who lets her kis roam naked.  So we have to fnd a game plan, high locks on the doors something. deally it would be telling them to keep their clothes on. Well we had tha talk the other nigt..I made great points, Joey madde great points, and just when we thing they understand us. Abby says so sweet-Mommy go to the store now...I guess she was finished listening to me..This is easy street in oh about 10 years life will be a loaded gun or dunk tank....They will be dating, driving, and their mouths will be speaking. UGH God help us. My litl angels with my parents and my nephew. MG they have clothes on. haha.Well good night all...If you want to host a Scentsy party let me know I am excited for disney...

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