Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ranch dipping sauce isn't just for the big guns

Ok, as most of you know I have begun gardening for the first time ever unless you count the one cucumber I grew a few years back. So I am learning the hard way that gardens are natures little children and the require water and nurturing. My garden out back was planted with green beans, carrots, pumpkins sunflowers and watermelons. I am excited to report my green beans harvest about five green beans a week just enough for me to eat and not enough to feed a family of six ha ha. Next year I will plant more. I laugh knowing I kindly took one plant over to my neighbor as a kind gesture. Laughing they probably think I am cheap ha ha.Then there are my sunflowers or lack there of.I had these very awesome stalk things growing, I thought they were sunflowers I was waiting for them to bloom, my mother kindly told me they weren't. I can't tell what are weeds and what are veggies. My watermelons weren't watermelons and my italian parsley are carrots. I thought I had green onions they are chives. My pumpkins are doing great but the mowers ran over one vine. My tomatoes look great for vines but slowly growing. I have all these rubbery leafed weed things, I pulled most of them. I blame them on why my tomatoes aren't growing. Maybe they are sucking the energy out of my garden...

Well what a great way to venture into my next idea. I have been having some battling emotions. I love my husband and kids, but do I sell my self short. See as a mom we give all of our love to our families. Most moms will agree if we are given 20.00 dollars we spend 18.00 dollars on the kids and the 2.00 dollars we have left is just floating in our purse until they need something else. So a very dear friend and I have looked around for books that could help us. I don't have much time to read, but I am making time. We found the book "THE WORN OUT WOMAN, when your life is full and your spirit is empty". We are going to start reading it and answering the questions at the end of the chapter. I will post the questions. I am happy we are going through together yet sad at the same time. We are lucky our husbands are patient and caring. Our kids still look at us like we are super hero's. They are not yet old enough to see us with our masks off. To them we are perfect with imperfections. We have some people in our life not so lucky, divorced, separated or just unhappy with no where to turn. Feel free to watch but not post or post if you want. If I can fix myself and help someone else its a bonus.

Ok so back to the garden- Abby picked the italian parsley which is a baby carrot and asked for dipping sauce- it was about an inch big. I really don't think it needs dipping sauce-a/k/a ranch. ha ha.

May each of you be freed from the cares that are bothering you as you hit your pillow tonight!!!

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