Monday, August 9, 2010

Ten feet only go fast on race horses

Well one of my goals this year was to un a marathon or something. I was hoping to run in the prostate cancer run in Quad cities for my dad. Well, that isn't going to happen, but I do get the honor of running in the Thin Mint Sprint with Hannah.  I love that everyday she says" were going running right?"  We have yet to run and we only made it 3 houses before Abby asked for a water break and then thought a tree was growing broccoli. HaHa. Hannah has been a trooper, she is completely intranced by the big houses in our neighborhood.  She has always wanted a Lexus and now a big house. I think ours is big enough. I can't ever find a pair of shoes for the kids.  I really have enjoyed this time with her. She never whines and likes taking in all the things around her, she is an amazing daughter. That is when I realized exercise isn't just running and I am sure I am not burning a whole lot of calories at the pace we are going, but the slow walking time with my girls is priceless.  I sometimes wonder if I am in such a hurry all the time what else am I missing. How do I speak to my kids when we are pressed for time? I am not perfect but I am a mom. I am the best mom for my girls and the best wife to my husband. I may not always do it, fast enough, clean enough or perfect enough but to them it is just right.  When was the last time you put away your inner voice saying you are to busy, the house is to messy and had fun with your kids or made your spouse feel special. My heart has been aching since the news of my friend Mae's husband killed in Afghanistan. I feel like I must do something everyday because who knows what could happen.  Life is so precious but society is in a race for the finish line. What happens after the finish line? How do you run you race with your family?

I have the best friends a girl can ask for thanks for the support and thanks for supporting my business Scentsy rocks!!

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