Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WOW convenion was inspiring and bank card number 300

I just got back from Denver Colorado. The Scentsy annual convention was last week. I have never done anything like this, but realized soon after starting Scentsy that it is a GOD thing. I truely have been bessed. I have met some awesome people. I am not sure if any of you have encountered anything that you stop and say wow it was GOD he even put his signature on it..Well I have been nagging my husband about taking the kids to Disney World. I bring it up at least every other month, he keeps saying they are to you. Thos of you that know my husband know he just doesn't want us to go to such a big tourist destination. Well sure enough Scentsy's big award next year is Disney world. I am doing back flips. Yes I have to work my bottom off to achieve this but I have a ton of friends that will help me. A scentsy party takes 30 minutes. So easy I can mail catalogs and scnets all you have to do is hand out catalogs, smell scents and walla done. You get 1/2 off items and free stuff and I am even giving away a plug in system to all those willing to host a book or home party. It doesn'tt matter where you live.  Also the new fall catalog comes out next month and this month is 10% off so help me get to disney.. Thanks for your support....This is the new special Breat cancer warmer all proceeds go to find a cure for breast cancer. I have a very dear and wonderful cousin Jen that is kicking breast cancer butt. Please keep her in your prayers.

So on to the the 300th bank card, yes I lost i again.. Joey thinks I am crazy and yes some days I am but if you would have seen how these kids attacked me when I came in the door you would know why the card is lost. So I ordered another one..My defense I am keeping from fraud. I change the number enough haha.

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