Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Showers and blisters on the feet

Well last night my niece's and nephew talked me into taking all the kids minus the babies to the skate rink. That included Abby.  I initually was laughing internally when I found out it was 80's 90's night.  It was just like I was at Great Skate in Phoenix, Az yet I was much older and not as cool. ha. My kids stared in awe as I was 1) able to get skates on and 2)  able to skate backwards. I truely believe in their minds skates were invented sometime after I was married. To their surprise I was a rock star.NOT. Yet there were so many people older than me that surprised me. I was at least there with my kids to most people this was their over 30's hang out on Monday night. lol. It was great exercise though. I only fell once with Abby's help.lol She did well and never gave up skating around and even thought to try backwards which she did great at. I really enjoyed the mommy moments of seeing true happiness in their eyes. Hannah was awesome and had so uch fun.

Today we were suppose to go to the Sky Deck down in Chitown, but Brittany (niece) became a puker at 4 am. So we will reschedule todays events. I am sure it is just a bug. So now to find something to do with the others today.

Brittany did get to work on her own skirt for the kids photoshoot on Thursday. It is going to be so cute. She loved doing her own crafts. She is such a joy and she loves spending time with me helping even with my business. We call me the kids seasonal mother. I get them spring break and usually most of the summer. They love the visit and always hate to leave.

I even manage to take the lid of the pooh baby hamper and change it to lady bug to match the little ones room.I think I always have been crafty I am just know taking it up a notch.

While my paretns have been visiting my husband bought the kids a trampoline and my Dad being the amazing father he is bought me a very cool tool box. I am so excited to have the right tools I need to fix the things I need to fix. I will upload an awesome picture as soon as my silly computer quits giving me an error code.

A yummy recipe!!

Off to enjoy the family and get my sweet niece feeling better

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