Wednesday, April 14, 2010

List of 10 things they wish we knew before we became mothers

Women of Faith is asking Bloggers to share their  List of 10 things they wish we knew before we became mothers- so here's my list!

1. I wish I knew I was going to have all girls!!!I love it and boy do we have bins of clothes~
2. Why is it poop is considered a toy until after age 3, and did I say I had 4 girls.
3. That everytime I got pregnant my husband was going to get a promotion and move us.
4.That having kids in sports is so expensive, and lets not even talk about dance or recitals.
5. That my body may never repair itself.
6. That having a child with special needs, can be a joy and a challenge. I do know the amazing thing is God knew I can handle it becuase he picked me. Blessings
7. That I can never remember how old I am. So I guess  am 29 forever.
8. Getting shower alone or going to the bathroom is never going to happen.
9. That I never thought I would have 4 kids. Weird, I don't now what I thought but 4 under 7 is a little crazy, just sayin.
10. It is amazing to hear my kids light up when they talk about Jesus. They fill my heart with joy.


  1. Love your list. I totally forgot about the not using the bathroom alone thing. LOL I remember when I started locking the door, my kids started sliding notes under it.