Sunday, April 4, 2010

Backwards dinner and crafting success- a little spring cleaning did't hurt

Well first off let me just say trying to find the garage door opener, that you know for sure didn't leave the van but cannot find at all has driven me into a cleaning frenzy. That and the fact that my neat/clean freak mom( whom I love dearly) has arrived. So the days leading up to today have been madning.Of course I had soot mess, the mud wrestling in my garden mess and then just the everyday poo makes the best finger paint-come on why play in the poo. Ayways found the garage door opener between the winter liner in the infant car seat. Why in the world didn't Caroline tell me. Ha, and of course Grace kept it to herself and Hannah acted like she knew it was there and chuckled like she forgot. That is a big WHATEVER. April fools came and went and so did the fun dinner I made.

They loved the meatloaf of course it was cheesy meatloaf recipe.

I also was able to make the cute craft from using the small canvas' so very cute and easy. I had so much fun doing an adult craft without the kids. I enjoy the kids crafts but its nice sometimes to spend some mommy time alone.

I did some decorating and rearranging of things. I am really starting to feel like things are falling ino place and you certainly can tell that Caroline is my last baby. A little sad sometimes but its nice to have control over the house again. I even got into the vinyl wall decor movement. LOL.

Happy Easter- remember that Jesus forgives and forgets, you just have to ask!!!!


  1. This is a cute craft. It looks so colorful.
    I stoppped on over from Fireflies and Jellybeans. Glad to find your site.

  2. Happy Easter to you!! Fireflies and Jellybeans sent me to your site. I am married to a man that is allergic to candles (Fawnda mentioned him - her father-in-law) so I am always looking at other options to make the house smell nice. (besides cleaning of course..hehe) I really think I would be interested in your Scentsy. The coconut palm scent sounds yummy!! Glad to hear about you and will follow more closely.

  3. Hi! I hope that you had a great Easter weekend! I'm stopping in from Fireflies and Jellybeans, for her fabulous give away for Scentsy! I'm SO escited!

    Your April Fools dinner looks like so much fun! I hope that your family enjoyed it!

    I'm glad to find you, and am looking forward to reading more!

    Have a great day!

  4. I heard about you from Fireflies and Jellybeans, and came to check out your blog! It looks like a lot of fun happens at your house, Isn't raising kids a blast!!
    I love Scentsy too, my girls and I are always changing the scents in our warmers!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Toni @