Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where has the year gone!! and don't forget the teachers!

I got a notice from Hannah's school 26 days left. What!!!! I am going to be a sewing crazed person this summer. I am excited to make the girls cute little dresses.  So since I last posted I had two ER trips for hives and throat swelling which required epi shots and prednisone IV. My doctor sent me from his office. As of today no hives since 2:30 am. Finally, I am excited not to be scratching and my husband telling me to have self control. On a side note I think  he is the reason for the hives. lol I am looking forward to my business growing leaps and bounds and excited I am learning how dangerous and unhealthy candles with wicks are. So wickless is the only way to go.

My parents and neices and nephew left  Saturday, I was so sad to see them leave, but summer is right around the corner and they will be back. I am their seasonal mom. They have had a tough road and I have haad them every spring break and summer since they were itty bitty. Their paretns haven;t always done the right thing but they may finlly be matuing. We will see.

So back to the hives. I have been given awesome advice to treat them. A few are baking soda and water form a paste and put on skin. Lavender oil and zyrtec, and my mom said to put a little cream of tarter in my mouth. Of course Grace poured out my cream of tarter and I have yet to replace it.

ONLY 22.50
Ok teacher appreciation month is approaching quickly. May is the month. So don't forget the teachers young and wiser. I am getting my kids teachers something special of course from scentsy and helping wth food for that week. However on an important note what about our teachers. Most of them are retired by now. All they did was educate us and mold us or at least play a part in how we turned out, what about them. I sent my second grade teacher something special.  She is retired now and  recently lost her husband. Think about this for a while. They worked everyday to educate us always surrounded by kids, when all of a sudden it is time to retire. The days come and go and most are probally quite. So I am asking each of you to stop and write a note to them. Find them on facebook or even call your old school and ask if you mail the letter to them can they forward. Remind them they are not alone and they are missed. They never got paid much but they did alot for us. Not to mention the money they spent out of their pockets. So don't forget them drop them a note or gift card or better yet order thema scentsy ABC warmer lol.
Mrs Ballard 2nd Grade

yummy chicken everyone one loves!!! Applebee's sante fe chicken

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