Friday, March 26, 2010

Hives today hopefully gone tomorrow

My mother told me to eat creme of tarter to remove hive. I didn't try it because I need to find out what is causing them but I did find this: Hives can be brought on by any number of causes. Whether related to allergies, stress or the climate, hives are unattractive and uncomfortable. A paste made with cream of tartar is a natural way to relieve the itching and swelling of hive-infested skin, and vitamin E helps heal and restore the area. Though this treatment works well on everyday outbreaks related to stress or the sun, it is imperative to ensure the hives are not related to a serious allergic reaction. If this is the case, seek medical attention immediately. So at least my options are open.

On a more personal note. I felt compelled today to release some things I was holding on to
but it wasn't bothering me. I feel there are things in life you should just let go. I am so blessed to have a healthy family. Abbys road of illness was very bad early on but she is doing awesome. There are so many more families not as blessed. I am making an effort give thanks for the blessings I have received and pray for those that need the blessings and healings. I hate reading stories of sick children it just tears at my heart. I feel for the parents and siblings and those strong little innocent victims of the illness. I had a childhood friend that got cancer at a young age and she really endured a lot so did her parents. But through it all they were strong and focused and all of them from my view were amazing fighters, even her brother and sister. Such an amazing family. I am sure it was these life lessons that you see but never truely realize until you are a parent yourself and they come back and remind you this isn't the first storm you witnessed or the last but each time you learned something different regardless of your age. So I begin to question? What others see of me, am I teaching them to be kind loving and thoughtful? What do my kids see and my husband? Is my mask a mask or am I truly one way or another. I am willing to really get real with myself and know how I act today may not impact someone now but years down the road. Thank you GOD for always allowing me to grow and learn things even the hard way when I feel alone and when I know you are carrying me.

Please remember to pray for all the sick children that they have a kind gentle caring hand to heal them.

Ok, now with something not so intense: A recipe my mom in law told me about. Not sure if you heard of fried cheese but its out there. She said to take american cheese the deli kind take 1 slice and cut into strips and 9 squares put a pecan on each square and then in the microwave for 1 min.until toasty and brown. There you go a nice little snack. I founf on the internet peopleare frying cheese making taco shells. Sounds yummy to me.

Have a blesses day!!!

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