Friday, March 26, 2010

So excited wish I could back flip

So for scentsy I have been searching for ideas to display my small plug in warmer at trade shows.  I found this lady that madeone one out of a picture frame. Of course up for a challange and sitting in the home office (joey would kill me) I used a knife cut a whole in the frame, used a wiring box, outlet part adn 6'ft plu in cord, cut the end part of the plug in off wire it to the outlet box and used scrapbooking paper and tada a display for my warmer.  I still have to trim the ribbon-scissors broke lol.

Never limit yourself-get out of your confort zone and things happen, I don't usually deal with electricity. However I needed this and I felt that this wasnt so bad.


  1. WOW! Not only are you crafty, but you are also handy! Way to go taking on the electrical party of it too!

  2. Love it! So creative and I wish all the outlets in my house looked like that :)