Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March is coming to a speedy end! So my kids are quickly tryin to drive me crazy

Today, my lovely 2 yr old Grace thought it would be oh so cute to shoveel soot from the fire place onto the HD DVR box, Yes soot in box- WHY, I banged it out sprayed it with that aerosol stuff that tastes weird-you know the stuff kids are huffing (another scratch my head moment) and even used the vaccuum. I was amazed at the stuff that came out laughing to myself at the look the comcast lady would give me if it were broken- I could here her saying Ma'am did you have a house fire,lol no just a 2yr old that today instead of playing in her poo desided to put soot in the cable box. I can't wait until tomorrow. Joey wonders why I stay up so late. Two reasons after the kids are asleep I get a burst of energy and secondly I am scared to death for the next day. Evidence A:

Evidence B:
Notice the broom in the back everything was covered, love the grey carpet I am so glad the carpet cleaners are coming Friday. My parents wll be here saturday.  Oh that dress is pale yellow. I am sure Abby had some involvement but her new thing is to quickly yell out Grace did it and babies don't lie. God gave me enough sanity to take an ativan and clean up the mess. Until tomorrow!!

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  1. I should audition her for Oliver- she looks like a chimney sweep