Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wow what a night and then an early morning

So my lovely day started at 5:30 am with Grace and Abby running and jumping around like the monkeys from Jumanji.  All I wanted to do is keep my head on my pillow they had other plans. I will be running around doing business stuff today. Awesome new warmer and scent released for April. The scent is red candy apple. They have pre-sold like hotcakes only 22.50 in April.Awesome teacher gifts. I am sending one to an old teacher from my childhood.

Ok somehelpful hints- I am not sure what areas are worst for bugs in flour from the store but to keep this from happening. I store my flour in the freezer. It doesnt change the taste. I also store my breadcrumbs, cornmeal and the southern staple GRITS in their. 

Another question that someone asked me was what to do with candle/warmer wax when it looses its scent and you don't want to just trash it. Well you can make fire starters. One way gives me flashback of girl scout days. We used to use the paper egg carton, lint from the dryer and the wax. Pack the lint in the egg carton and the poor the wax over it. Then cut each of the litttle cube things out whala firestarters, you can also pour it over pine cones.

This got me thinking, post your favorate campfire food. Mine was campfire eclairs.
Enjoy the recipe:::
Campfire Eclairs

This is a fun, easy, and somewhat messy recipe to do over the campfire. You can do different variations of pudding flavors and frostings. Add some sprinkles for fun too!

1 8-ounce can Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls
2 vanilla JELL-O Brand pudding snacks
1 tub Betty Crocker whipped frosting (chocolate)
thin-tip cooking sticks
aluminum foil
Pam cooking spray

Cover tip of stick with aluminum foil and spray with Pam. Stretch one crescent roll over foil and squeeze tip to close and tighten. Cook over campfire until golden brown turning frequently. (Crescent roll is done when it slides off the foil easily.) Fill center of crescent roll with vanilla pudding, spread chocolate frosting on top, and enjoy!

I went to home to a home improvement store and picked op inch wooden dowls( not sure if spelled right). They worked awesome!!

Excited to see your comments!!
Oh if you miss those camping fun days. We went last summer to it was like scout camp for the whole family. We had a blast we stayed in a little cabin 1 queen bedroom full kitchena da sleeping loft upstairs for the kids. It was small but we had a blat. Go to the website: we will be doing it again probally this summer. My nephew was 12 and had a great time so fun for all ages.

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