Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ok, so I guess this is a start

I have always wanted to help others and I guess now is my chance. Don't judge my writing skills, I am not so good with proper sentences, commas, or run ons. My old english teacher would pull her hair out reading this. I also know my husband will never read this either. Our holiday newsletter alone drives him crazy and that is one time a year. So this weekend was a busy one. Our water heater managed to go out at 5:00 pm isn't that when it always happens. My husband was not yet home from a trip and a babysitter was no where to be found to watch the kids so I could run and get a water heater.  So when he finally got hom I ran up to get the water heater. Thinking to myself what did I just get myself into and why not just pay a plumber. This is the thing I hate paying for services I think I can do or I can call my dad and he can walk me through.
A little back ground on why I would even think of tackling the job of water heater replacement.  I was raised the daughter of a navy man that between him being very hand and crafty, he was at sea off and on unitl until I was the age of three.  He was sub sailor. So I either have it ingrained that my mom was very independent or it is part of my gene pool or both. I was born the middle child with only my older brother Tom and my younger brother David at home. So in order to have daddy time I had to get my hands dirty. I also was pretty smart. I have been told many stories of when I was three taking all the screws out of the lights of my dads boat. So maybe it is in my blood. I  loved fixing things and was very handy all that I can remember.
Ok, back to the water heater. I of course have very little tools funny after last months changing out the dishwasher last month I realized I am going to have to borrow the right equipement. Oh I didn't tell you that I have bunny ears and a nose on my dodge grand caravan. SO picking up the water heater is pretty funny. Anyways borrowed a pipe cutter, pliers, and  nice big plumbing wrench from my wonderful neighbors across the way. He is a pipefitter that had to be at work early and wouldn't get home until that afternoon and I needed hot water for my nasty kids. I finished the job at 11:30 pm, after cutting pipe sodering it and hooking back the gas line. I still laugh in amazement. I am hoping thats the last of the home repairs for a while. I do have to fix my hillbilly spa tub, but thats not urgent.
I call it the hillbilly tub because in order to get the jets working I have to blow into the tube instead of pushing the on button. The kids broke it. It kinda takes the relaxation out of it.

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