Wednesday, March 24, 2010

some helpful hints-Oh if you ever have something that works post it

Amazing truth, I love my magic eraser but when it comes to crayon put it down, go to the garage and get the WD-40, 1 spray and then a nice little wipe. Works on lipstick also. I just did a narea where Grace spilt wax from my warmer and it worked there also

To rid you yard of snakes line the perimeter with lime you get from a feed and tackle store. They stay clear it burns there bellys when they cross. I would also line the house so if they are under there they dont come out. I have heard it is kid and people safe but I would double check.

If you have a pan that has caked on stuf soak it in water and fabric softner sheet. Wahla it cleans it off.

If you are caring for an older person or your childs bed smells of urine,,,,beside using  scentsu cinnamint in your warmer (plug), put peppermint oil in a sguirt bottle with water and spray the bed-around the box spring!!!

Final helpful hint: to clean your shower or bath white as new use oven cleaner FUMELESS of course!!!

Who looks outside, dreams.Who looks inside, awakens. Carl Jung


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